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Gina Ginger Sleep Fairy - Memory

5-7 years old

Gina Ginger Sleep Fairy - Memory

Preparation instructions

Playing and learning the different moods with Gina Ginger.                                                                                                                                 

Download the document and print two copies, preferably on white card.

First, cut out the insides of Gina’s faces and stick them to the playing cards with the blank face while saying aloud the different moods, “Gina is angry, Gina is asleep, etc.” If you prefer, instead of cutting out the insides of the faces and sticking them on to the blank faces, you can encourage the child to draw the faces directly, copying the proposed models. 

When all the Memory playing cards have expressions you can cut-out the playing cards. Place them face down on the table and start playing while saying, “Gina is sad. Gina is angry. I haven’t got a pair!” “Gina is sad. Gina is sad. I have got a pair!”                                                                              

You're sure to find all the pairs!

Required material

Ten playing cards with Gina’s face blank.

Ten playing cards with the inside of Gina’s face filled in.

Educational goals

To learn vocabulary related to moods. For example, “Gina is + state of mind”, “I’ve got a pair!”, “I haven’t got a pair!”

Vocabulary for moods: asleep, sad, angry, happy, tired.

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