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At Kids&Us, we know that if children are to develop excellent linguistic skills in the new language, they must be exposed to English in an accessible yet spontaneous way. At the same time, knowing how essential parents' involvement is, we aim to give parents tools so that they can accompany their children on the exciting journey of learning a language.

Listen&Play Collection

Listen&Play is a collection of storybooks and games designed to be used with the Talking Pen. The storybooks are printed with digital sound technology that transforms them into interactive audio books, featuring integrated games. ​

The Talking Pen technology ensures that children can listen and play in English, either by themselves or in the company of their parents.


Gina Ginger Collection

At Kids&Us we have lots of resources to continue learning English at home

The Gina Ginger collection is based on the adventures of a little red-headed girl. Gina always ends up in sticky situations. However, with help from the little fairies, she generally finds a solution to her problems. Sometimes, however, things get even worse! 
The Gina Ginger stories take children on an exciting journey through the emotions and challenges faced by a little girl the same age as her readers.