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The time to enjoy new experiences

Children are full of emotions and, from 3 to 5 years of age, they begin to contextualize and express them. Throughout this period they are able to perform actions with the aim of achieving positive emotions. For example, they might take stories to their parents so that they can be read to them, thereby interacting with them and spending time with the family.


Kids&Us has a whole universe of books, games and activities to enhance the development of the boy or girl at this age. Kids&Us English goes beyond the classroom and is present at home and in enjoyable everyday situations, making learning a highly positive experience.

Many Monsters Collection

The Many Monsters collection is made up of a number of illustrated stories, each of them starring a different monster and entertaining in its own way. Each character has unique skills and, thanks to them, boys and girls aged between 3 and 5 will see their English vocabulary enriched.


The most monstrously endearing Kids&Us characters are about to arrive at every home to have wonderful daily adventures with the whole family. Will you let them in?