Learn at home

Using emotions to learn

At Kids&Us we have lots of resources to continue learning English at home

Right from the start, the Kids&Us philosophy has focused on offering children from a very young age a universe of quality, stimulating and educational resources in English. This, in turn, facilitates exposure to the language and promotes learning. With this mission in mind, Kids&Us offers a range of storybooks and games in English for 2 to 4-year-olds. All resources are adapted to their level and comprehension ability.


Cuddly toys

My best friends!

Mousy, Linda, Bunny and Sam are the children's faithful friends who go with them every step of the way on their English learning adventure.

At Kids&Us, we know that emotions have a huge impact on any type of learning.This is why our materials are designed with the goal of offering students an educationally stimulating and emotionally inspired experience. These materials will pique children’s interest, which quickly grows into affection for their new friends. Our youngest students form strong emotional ties with the character they are working with in class.

With this in mind, we decided to make these characters even more meaningful for the children and turn them into cuddly toys. This way, the experience of learning a new language is not limited to the classroom but also has a place in the home.

Betty Sheep Collection

At Kids&Us we have lots of resources to continue learning English at home

The Betty Sheep collection comprises a series of storybooks with simple yet informative illustrations to facilitate children's understanding. Betty sets off to discover the world around her alongside her friend Catty. The concepts and situations that arise in the stories will be familiar to our young readers, helping them to learn words and sentences easily in English.