Learn at home

Awaken young children's curiosity about English

Kids&Us resources are an integral part of the overall learning English experience. The Baby Book story collection and the Play&Learn games have been created using colours and illustrations to captivate little children’s imaginations. Our aim is for very young children, aged 9 to 24 months, to be enthralled by English as a result of the materials used, encouraging them to start being inquisitive and explore the world around them. 

Our games and books are an explosion of colours, featuring attractive designs that appeal to all the senses. We are certain that these resources will boost children's motivation, piquing their interest and awakening a passion for learning English.


My best friends!

Mousy, Linda, Bunny and Sam are the children's faithful friends who go with them every step of the way on their English learning adventure.

At Kids&Us, we know that emotions have a huge impact on any type of learning.This is why our materials are designed with the goal of offering students an educationally stimulating and emotionally inspired experience. These materials will pique children’s interest, which quickly grows into affection for their new friends. Our youngest students form strong emotional ties with the character they are working with in class.

With this in mind, we decided to make these characters even more meaningful for the children and turn them into cuddly toys. This way, the experience of learning a new language is not limited to the classroom but also has a place in the home.