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Discover the Kids&Us Little Chef cookery workshops

What are Little Chef workshops?

Little Chef workshops are an activity designed by educational specialists at Kids&Us who create unique materials with a clear goal: making learning English an interesting and stimulating experience for both the children and their families.

What does the activity consist of?

We have designed our very own Kids&Us cookery workshops so that children can experiment with food, try new flavours and discover that cooking can be great fun. All in English!

Little Chef recipes are taken from English-speaking cultures, and they are fun and healthy. Learn to make Oven Free Oatmeal Cookies, Apple Grape Salad, Banana Split and Yogurt Parfait: weird and wonderful names that turn cooking into an original and immersion-based experience.

The aim of Little Chef is for children to internalise vocabulary and expressions in a meaningful context while taking part in a fun activity for the whole family.

General information

  • Age: this activity is aimed at 3 to 10 year-olds.
  • Number of children per group: 6 children per group at most and one teacher.
  • Division of groups: Little Chef are split into two groups, based on the children's age and fine motor skills (dexterity). As a result, we run two Little Chef levels:

   - Level 1 for 3 to 6-year-olds, accompanied by an adult;
   - Level 2 for 7-year-olds and over, with or without an accompanying adult.

  • Activity schedule and timetable: each school has its own activity schedule and timetable that can be consulted in the corresponding school.
  • Activity length: 90 minutes
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