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Subscription 2

Kids&Us Subscription 2 English Course
Kids&Us Subscription 2 English Course

Subscription 2

Ages 18+

In our Subscription courses section, we deal with a wide range of topics related to society today and the world around us. To do so, we publish our own magazine in English, thanks to which our students may continue to broaden their language skills. Our Subscription 2 magazine is called "MAGnified" and it deals with the following topics: sports, food and music.

Course Objective:

The ultimate objective of Subscription 2 is for the student to reach Cambridge Proficiency level (CPE), that is to say, level C2 of the CEFR. 

Duration of the Classes:

1 h 30 mins, twice a week

Number of Students per Class:

Communicating with the World

Students learn how to express themselves spontaneously, with fluency and precision, and to distinguish subtle nuances of meaning in any situation.In addition, they will have the opportunity to write complex texts using appropriate style and register, as well as precise vocabulary and expressions.


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