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Discover the Kids&Us Oliver course


+5 years old

Oliver is a very sweet boy who goes through a variety of experiences which the students find easy to relate to, for example: a tooth falling out, being ill and not going to school, having a younger sibling, wanting to help Mum and Dad, etc.

Course objectives:

To consolidate everything they have learned so far and to continue working on familiar structures. In this course, students begin to form sentences spontaneously.

Class length:

60 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


The importance of listening to the CD at home:

The course consists of four different parts, each of which is based on a different story. Students listen to the story daily at home, where they also hear key structures which are put into context in class by means of games, songs and various other activities. 

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  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
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