English for children from 7 years old


The cheeky twins Pam&Paul will make the children’s imaginations run wild with stories that mix fantasy with the everyday so that they learn to express themselves with increasingly more complex and spontaneous structures.  

Course objectives:

It’s time to learn to ask and answer simple questions using Wh- words, as well as using pronouns in English more effectively whilst continuing to add concepts related to time and days of the week. During the course, the seven-year-olds will also learn to better use common expressions to say their name or to greet someone, identify the verb “to be” and learn to use it in both affirmative and negative sentences. In addition, they will train their listening skills, better understand what people say to them and be able to spell more accurately.  

Class length:

60 minutes, once per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

More flexibility when using the language:

Thanks to the variety of activities designed to awaken their interest and imagination, the students remember increasingly more vocabulary and expressions, slowly adding new words and learning to use them in increasingly more complicated structures and in a more autonomous way. 

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  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
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