English for children from 3 years old


Sam wants to be the three-year-olds’ best friend. Together they will discover the world that surrounds them and learn how to say their favourite activities in English. 

Course objectives:

On this course, the three-year-olds will learn their first sentences in English. The sentences will be simple, but they will be more than just random words. With Sam’s help, they will explore their environment and gain autonomy in certain day-to-day activities. Together, they will learn to go to the toilet by themselves, to get dressed or to eat and they will discover that their birthday party or a trip to the zoo are also fun in English. By recreating situations that are familiar to them, the children assimilate English in a natural way just like they do in their mother tongue. In addition, they also learn to connect with others and develop affective abilities.  

Class length:

60 minutes, once per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

Becoming big boys and girls:

Sam will teach the three-year-olds songs and games. They will have fun together throughout the whole course, but above all this character will guide them through the process of gaining autonomy in their daily routines and will teach them to form their first sentences in English. 

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  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
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