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  • Listening Kids&Us


    Could a child learn their mother tongue without having ever heard it before?

  • Understanding Kids&Us


    How does a child start to understand their mother tongue?

  • Sepaking Kids&Us


    When does a child start to talk?

  • Reading Kids&Us


    In our mother tongue, would we even contemplate our child reading before they can speak?

  • Writing Kids&Us


    When do we start to write?



Five reasons for turning off your mobile

Five reasons for turning off your mobile

24 Jan 2019

WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gmail; I’m sure you know most of these networks and applications. I’d put my money on it and I don’t think I’d be wrong in too many cases. All of them help us to communicate. Some of them keep us updated with everything that’s happening around the world at any time while others, like WhatsApp, enable us to remain in constant contact with the people around us. What do they have in common? They all constantly draw our attention to our mobiles. Have you ever thought that this is getting out of hand? Because, after all, real life is what occurs beyond the screen.

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